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Party Bus in Oklahoma City

As a leading limousine service in Oklahoma City, Royal Limos Okc is proud to offer chauffeured party bus rentals. Our luxurious and convenient service will prove to be the perfect addition to your event.

No matter the size of your party, Royal Limos Okc will take you to and from your destination in safety and comfort. Our party buses are equipped with a number of incredible features, including state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, in-vehicle refreshments, and additional amenities available at your request.

With a party bus that can transport your entire group, there will be no need to coordinate transportation or designated drivers. Regardless of how many checkpoints are in your evening, a party bus will prove the ideal way to celebrate. For weddings, anniversaries, parties, graduations, proms, reunions, or corporate events, you can’t beat the fun and luxury of a party bus!

You and your guests will appreciate our professional and dedicated chauffeurs, extensive fleet of high-end vehicles, and exceptional customer service. We are pleased to offer competitive rates and free estimates for our party bus rentals.

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Are you looking to have a fun and unforgettable night with friends or family? A regular bus could bring you to a party, but Royal Limos Okc’s party bus could BE the party itself! We’re OKC’s #1 limo and party bus provider—and for good reason. Our premier party buses are fitted with the most luxurious seating, the wildest party lights, and all the extravagances of a VIP lounge.

Our affordable party bus can handle any kind of party—big or small. Do you have a bachelorette party coming up? A classy Oklahoma City Christmas party? A big sporting event? Give us a call! Your night will be worry-free and wonderful. You won’t have to worry about DUIs, parking, or driving directions—and you won’t have the stress of being a host or hostess at home!

We understand that any client wants assurance that they and their guests are in good hands. Party buses are large vehicles that can’t be driven by any regular chauffeur. Rest assured, our luxury buses are driven only by the most professional drivers. Our team is fully insured, licensed and capable of handling any mishaps. Our MDOT number, insurance status, inspection records, liquor licenses, and accident history are all public record. Want to see any of these? All you have to do is ask us.

Party Bus Rental

Are you looking for something to do with friends and family in the Oklahoma City area? Maybe you want to celebrate a special occasion, but you’re tired of all the usual outings? Maybe those bars in Midtown have really started to bring you down—after all, how many times can you go to the same place? Having the same old drinks at the same old table can really make a special occasion feel anything but special.

Or maybe you are tired of having to wait for taxi drivers to show up at your door? It can be difficult to even find a taxi-cab that can accommodate a whole group of friends sometimes, which means that people wind up having to pay multiple fares and wait for multiple cabs. When this happens, much of a special night’s energy is wasted on planning transportation and then waiting for transportation. To top it all off, you might get to your party destination to realize the bar or club is sold-out or closed!

If you find yourself experiencing frustration over these common party problems, then Royal Limos Okc has the solution for you. Our top-of-the-line party bus is fully equipped to provide you and your friends with a luxurious, star-studded adventure through the streets of Oklahoma City. And don’t worry, our party bus chauffeurs are fully licensed and certified to make sure you have a safe and unforgettable party bus experience.

No one should be stressed during their limited free time. Life’s short, and we only get so many opportunities to enjoy ourselves. Why not give yourself a break and plan to have a night in our luxury party bus?

If you’re worried about the cost—think again! The average price for a party bus isn’t all that much. When you compare it to all the money you usually spend on a night at an unsatisfying restaurant or an overpriced bar, you’re saving money!

The Benefits of the Royal Limos Okc Party Bus Experience

When people are considering what to do for a friend or loved one’s special occasion, they’ll quickly begin researching venues, rental prices, restaurant reservations, and so on. They might not always think about party bus rentals. People think limousine services are reserved only for prom-night or bachelorette parties, but party buses can facilitate any social event! And when you think about what a party bus offers it can make night-clubs, restaurants, and house-parties seem second-rate.

Here are a few of the benefits of a Royal Limos Okc party bus:

  1. Size: Our party buses can accommodate an entire group of friends or family. Whether you book our party bus for prom transport or a sports team, we’ll be able to accommodate you. This means that friends don’t have to take separate vehicles to party destinations. They can be together the entire evening. And when everyone is together, who needs a destination? You can stay on our party bus all night if you like! Royal Limos Okc is at your service.
  2. Cost: They say you can’t put a price-tag on a good time, but we know that’s not true. Our ideal night out is one that doesn’t put too much strain on our wallets. Believe it or not, but party bus rental rates aren’t that high. You may be suspicious, but if you consider the vehicles different couples have, or all the different taxi-cabs an entire group of friends would have to take to get somewhere, the party bus is the smart choice. When an entire group of friends shares the cost of a Royal Limos Okc party bus rental, it can cost less than those slow and unreliable taxis.
  3. No Stress: When you book a party bus, you don’t need to plan your transportation. You don’t need to worry about googling directions or remembering addresses. You don’t need to worry about a designated driver, either. The Royal Limos Okc party bus will handle everything for you. Our chauffeurs will handle the directions, will pick you up when requested and go take you wherever you want to go. It isn’t often when we are able to have a night without worry, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Let Royal Limos Okc show you how to throw a real party and call us!
  4. Impress Your Guests: If you’re hosting a party, it can be hard to wow people. Cooking a great meal takes hours—and lots of skill! You might not have much time, and you might not have much culinary talent, either. With one of our party buses, however, you’ll definitely wow your friends. No one expects for a party bus to show up at their door.

Party Bus Rentals for Weddings

Why not break with tradition? Instead of the conventional limousine service, spice up your wedding with a party bus!

It’s the perfect way to transport a large group of people to your wedding venue. Your guests will enjoy the convenience of luxury seating, advanced sound systems, lighting features, privacy partitions, and refreshments. Additional amenities are available at your request.

With Royal Limos Okc’s 24/7 availability, you won’t need to check the clock!

On this most important day, our chauffeurs are committed to ensuring your prompt and convenient arrival.

Party Bus Rentals for Corporate Events

With a chartered party bus from Royal Limos Okc, you can liven up even the most formal professional event.

Whether your associates need transportation to the airport, convention center, or corporate venue, a party bus is a fantastic way to kick-off your corporate function. Our party bus has the capacity to transport your entire group safely and stylishly to your location.

No need to worry about coordinating transportation—your corporate event will start earlier and may even finish earlier! As you and your coworkers catch up on business particulars, you’ll enjoy lights, music, refreshments, and many other amenities.

Your corporate party bus rental may prove to be the most enjoyable aspect of the meeting!

Party Bus Rentals for Special Events

With a rented chauffeured party bus, any event can be a special event. Birthday parties, anniversaries, achievement celebrations, family reunions, even just a dinner with frien––there’s no special event that can’t be enhanced by a coach party bus!

Royal Limos Okc is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a late-night extends into the early morning, no need to worry.

We can meet you and your party anywhere in the Oklahoma City area, and you have the option to add as many destinations as you wish.

Contact us to learn more about our packages and services, or to receive an estimate for our party bus rentals!

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